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Body Waxing

Hair removal has existed since prehistoric times, with neanderthals shaving, pulling and plucking their body hair. Fast forward to Ancient Egypt, where women would use seashells as tweezers, sugar based and honey based wax to remove unwanted hair. However you look at it, humanity has always felt the need to tame their hair in some way or another. 


The trends may have shifted and changed over the years with fashion, politics, what have you. But no matter what society may look like, the demand for body waxing has not only remained intact, but has grown. Even with the arrival of laser hair removal, the majority still prefer waxing as their method of body hair removal. There are various reasons for this, including price, convenience and guarantee of results. 


There are some areas of the body which are typically more sensitive than others, such as the face or the genital area. When waxing the facial area, our estheticians are very careful to not only be precise with placement but also be cautious with wax temperatures and repetition in the same area. When waxing the facial area, be sure to inform your esthetician of any acne or prescription skin care products you may be using as they may be acidic and cause extra sensitivity. In order to avoid repeatedly applying wax in stubborn facial areas, our estheticians will use tweezers to remove the hair individually. This usually occurs when not enough time was allowed between the last time you removed your hair and the hair is now too short. 


In order to be able to remove hair with wax, the hair needs to be ¼” long, which occurs every 1-2 weeks for facial hair and 3-4 weeks for body hair. Everyone’s hair growth is different, so talk to your esthetician about your hair removal schedule. These time frames change if you decide to shave in between sessions. Shaving in between sessions will not only interrupt the hair regrowth cycle, but may also cause more pain when going back to waxing. When you remove hair with wax, the hair is pulled from the root, thinning the canal and allowing hair to regrow thinner and softer. When using a razor, you cut the hair on the surface, but the root remains intact and is able to grow thicker and more coarse. This is why shaving in between sessions may cause more pain and inefficient hair growth cycles. 


Another benefit to consistent and repeated body waxing is that eventually roots will die out and the hair will not grow back in certain areas. Body waxing also allows for immediate guaranteed semi-permanent results. This means the same day you get waxed, you will not have hair in that area for at least a week, with hair regrowth starting in week 2. (The timeline may be shorter with the facial and underarm areas) The skin after body waxing is also smoother, softer and cleaner after waxing than other hair removal methods.


It is recommended that you wax at least 24 hours before exposing the waxed area to direct sunlight. The reason for this is when you wax, you’re removing a superficial layer of skin, and that causes cells to be more vulnerable to ultraviolet damage. And so, you must wait at least a day to avoid causing damage.



Sugaring is a method of hair removal using an organic, vegan sugar based paste. The paste is warmed up and applied directly to the skin. It can be removed either with a wax strip, a wax applicator or with two fingers. This method is the best for sensitive skin and those with stubborn hair that require repeat application. Some say it is also a more comfortable method than using traditional soft and hard wax. The reason for this, is the sugaring method removes the hair by the root without interrupting the surrounding skin. Thus causing less irritation as well as less pain to the area.


Sugaring can be used for full body hair removal but is recommended for small areas only such as for a brazilian bikini, bikini, under arm, or facial waxing. The reason for this is because it isn’t possible to easily apply in large sections like you can with roll on waxes which use traditional soft wax. While it isn’t recommended, it is possible, however these services will cost more than using the roll on soft wax.


While the sugaring method may be just as sticky as the other waxing methods, this method rinses off easily with warm water. Since it is made up of sugar, lemon and water, this substance is easy to clean off without any oils. 

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