Hair Removal Services

Hair Removal

Hair Removal is a practice that dates back to ancient civilizations. Ancient Egyptians removed their hair not only as a fashion trend but also to treat various infections. Over the generations and with the help of technology, the practice has transformed into what we have today. Today, we can choose from various procedures, whether shaving, waxing, or laser. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. At Jaira’s, however, we’ve found that Body Waxing has proven to be the most cost effective and longest lasting method available. There are several Waxing Methods that we use here at Jaira’s, including hard wax, soft wax, roll on wax and sugar wax. In order to ensure your comfort and best experience, we work with you to decide which method or combination of methods works best for you.

Facial Waxing

For Facial Waxing like eyebrows, lips, chin, or cheeks, clients tend to have more sensitive skin. We make sure to evaluate your skin type to make sure we are using the appropriate method to ensure your safety. These days, thick and shapely eyebrows are in style, and because of this, it takes more skill and patience to shape the brow and only clean away unwanted hairs. Thankfully, here at Jaira’s, we are Brow Experts! Whether you need them shaped or just cleaned up, we are your Eyebrow Specialists.

Underarm – Arm

We all know what it’s like to have to deal with underarm hair, and if you’ve used a razor, you know it leaves dark marks and grows back far too quickly. This is another reason why we prefer Waxing here. The hair is pulled from the root, taking longer to grow back and also cleaning the first layer of skin. This leaves your underarm area nice and clean, with no razor burn or dark marks. Arm waxing is another service that both our female and male clients enjoy. From shoulder to fingertips, we make sure to leave you with smooth arms.

Chest/Stomach – Back

Chest, Stomach and Back waxing are typically associated with Male Waxing Services, however, there are women who request these services as well. Especially for the summer, women tend to get their stomachs and lower backs waxed, while men like to get their full chest, stomach and back waxed. Men often keep up this routine throughout the year, coming in every 4-6 weeks depending on their hair growth cycle. Men get waxed for various reasons. In NJ, there are a lot of bodybuilding competitions, and being hairless is very common in that culture. For others, it helps boost self-confidence and attracts potential partners at places like the beach, the pool, or the gym.

The Brazilian Wax

    The Brazilian Wax. Or the Bikini Wax. Or the Manzilian. The Boyzilian. The Brazilian Bikini Wax. It has many names, but whatever you call it, it’s the removal of hair from a person’s genitals. Both men and women get this service done for so many different reasons. From sex drive to personal hygiene, Brazilian Waxing is the most requested service here at Jaira’s Salon. In fact, we are known as the Best Brazilian Wax you can get in the tristate area. Jaira herself has traveled all over the world to perfect her technique and even makes our organic hard wax in-house from scratch. She has had clients drive from Pennsylvania, Upstate New York and even, Canada to come get waxed with her.


    Leg Waxing is most common with women; however, men also get their legs waxed. This service is most popular during the summer months. You can get either your upper half legs waxed (from outside the bikini line to above the knees) or your lower half legs waxed (knees to toes) or just get your full legs waxed (outside the bikini line down to your toes).


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